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Pack of Four Soaps – Create by Yourself

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Pack of Four Soaps – Create by yourself
Take advantage and create this pack of four of the soaps of your choice and take a gift sample.
We are going to send you a surprise gift.

Let us surprise you!



Select the four bars of handmade soap that will make up your package. Our natural soap bars not only look beautiful, they are also infused with natural essential oils and fragrances in delicious scents. Using a natural bar soap will help exfoliate and remove dirt and germs naturally.
Sea Water & French Clay

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Horas contigo - Red Roses
Black Rose - Red Rose

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Lavender Whisper

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Bergamot and Earl Grey Tea

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Toasted Lemon Tart & Golden Oaks by Lavender Whisper contain manjishtha root & kaolin clay to nourish your skin
Toasted Lemon Tart & Golden Oaks

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Spice Apple Sangria by Lavender Whisper to produce a mild and yet rich creamy lather.
Spice Apple Sangria

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Handcrafted cold-processed soap bars are the cornerstone of Lavender Whisper Apothecary. No chemicals. Not preservatives. Artisan Soaps are handmade in small batches with food-grade oils, liquids, additives and phthalate-free fragrances or essential oils. Just good, simple, wholesome ingredients to conquer dirt and nourish the skin.