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Why Lavender?

by lisa crow

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We think of lavender as a shade of purple. It is one of the most popular scents in the world and this stems from its long history since medieval times, when lavender was given as medicine for a wide variety of ailments.

We think of lavender as a shade of purple. It is one of the most popular scents in the world and this stems from its long history since medieval times, when lavender was given as medicine for a wide variety of ailments.

We are going to go beyond the dress, the flower in a pot, and the hair color to explore the ways that pure lavender oil is used and has been proven beneficial.

What Are Lavender’s Potential Health Benefits?
In the article, “Lavender and the Nervous System,” authors Koulivand, Ghadiri, and Gorji uncover data from legitimate trials of the use of lavender. To start, there are a variety of types of lavender. Even so, the authors determine that the main effective compounds in the plant are the same across the board. Scientific measurements of these compounds using modern procedures correlate with even the medieval usages of lavender. Its neuroprotective effects are proven through both animal and human studies.

Consider if the lavender products we sell, along with the plants, and the methods of absorption are provided at the same level of effectiveness as in the published medical research. The answer is a simple yes. Lavender absorbs so quickly into the skin that it can be detected in plasma, reaching peak after just 19 minutes.
Inhaled lavender acts via the limbic system, particularly the amygdala and hippocampus. Those are just fancy names for parts of our brain that cause us to feel things, like relaxation or motivation.
In a trial with placebo, in oil preparation, the therapeutic amount of lavender used was equivalent to a therapeutic dose of an anti-anxiety medication. In hospitals, there are frequently people who offer aromatherapy to patients in pain as a bridge method to relax the patient and reduce severity of pain. As opposed to other oils, lavender can be applied directly to the skin, making it safe and easy to use.
When we think about how we use pure, natural lavender products, we think of soap, lotion, balms, linen sprays, diffusers, or naturally scented candles. Each method is found in research and a great way to benefit from lavender fragrance products.

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The research shows that in a variety of controlled clinical settings, lavender is effective in the treatment of anxiety and depression. Aromatherapy and an oil preparation were the most tested and measured for their efficacy. General well-being is always the desired outcome, so the researchers also looked at sleep and other associated symptoms. In the reports of lavender usage with people with generalized and mild anxiety, there was improvement, and notably so against placebo. It is effective for situations like the dentist, pre-operative anxiety, and to decrease the need for narcotic pain med demands by 25%.
In neuroimaging, a study showed that in women, in addition to showing relaxation, it also may enhance arousal effects. Our well-being depends on so many factors; even small improvements will contribute in a beneficial way.

What About Neurological Disorders and Lavender?
For those with significant EEG changes, aromatherapy with inhalation of lavender for three minutes increases Alpha wave power and decreases anxiety. Both Alpha and Theta wave activity, along with relaxation, is shown in the EEG to make people more comfortable and improve their symptoms overall.

The products in the market today, which contain pure and natural lavender oil, (be careful of the diluted, artificial, or unreliable sources) are great for sleep. Studies on college students showed that the smell of lavender promoted sleep quality using a verified index measure. The substitution of ambient lavender in geriatric patients who had become dependent on medication to go to sleep was proven to relieve insomnia symptoms. This eliminates side effects, withdrawals, and temporary removal of those medications. In addition, daytime wakefulness was improved. This means that the subjects of these studies felt better during the day and slept longer at night. Bathing with lavender products, including the oil in a nighttime routine, spraying the lavender in bedding, and even simply smelling a natural candle or diffuser would produce these effects. In fact, sticking with that routine would probably be the best idea. The products and fragrances that Lavender Whisper sells are all natural and have high-quality lavender.

Neck pain, back pain, postoperative, migraines: these all have the potential to decrease our sense of quality in our lives. The lavender used in foot massage, an oxygen mask with some oil in it, the application of oil on upper lip or under the nose, as well as inhalation, have been used in the treatment of pain. The various preparations would be up to you to research and speak about with a professional, but the addition of lavender in your life is overall safe. Having babies, after babies, getting shots, having sores or wounds, the dreaded migraine attack, and a host of other pains which get in the way of daily life can be helped using lavender preparations. Remember that it lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. Along with analgesic effects, those benefits contribute to feeling better.

Luckily, the internet is a great way to research products. It is also a place to potentially get lost or overpay. We have a company which uses the highest quality Lavender and is produced in small batches to ensure its components meet high standards. In order to get those incredible, science-backed benefits, you can go straight to a trusted source. At Lavender Whisper, we make fragrances using natural sources. A great place to start is with Lavender Whisper so you can see how good quality products can bring quality of life that is possible. The products smell like the fresh cut flower and feel amazing on the skin. Considering absorption and inhalation are the most widely used in clinical settings, you can have the same for your home with our products.